Nearly 100% For “The 100” – A Television Show Review

I recently finished the first season of the CW channel’s T.V. show “The 100″ and for all those who enjoy the post-apocalyptic, survival genre…man will this show be a treat! This dystopian, sci-fi drama succeeds a fictional nuclear war that eliminates all terrestrial life, leaving only the citizens up in orbiting international space stations as survivors. Nearly 100 years later, when the joined stations’ resources begin to dwindle, leaders send 100 teenage prisoners, called “the Hundred” down to Earth as test guinea pigs. Shocking, action packed wars and fights, occasionally interrupted by steamy romances, emerge between either the Hundred or previously present civilians called “Grounders.” Characters Clark, Bellamy, Raven, Finn, Jasper, Octavia and Monty must battle against Grounders while finding ways to safely contact and relocate the rest of mankind.

I’ll admit it took me a while to really become attracted to this show because of its dramatic, slow start that lacks convincing action scenes. However, by the third episode, intense action and drama mingled into a magnet and glued my eyes to the screen. The acting is well done for the most part. Though there are some moments where I see through faulty acting to the mundane reality of actors playing a role in a forest. Speaking of actors in a forest, this show is shot in Vancouver, one of the most beautiful forest cities I have ever visited! Perhaps I’m biased, but just by means of their filming spot, I love the show. What’s more, each episode is packed with a multitude of lessons on the toughest of life’s choices and situations. For example, we learn about sacrificing even one’s own life in order to save humanity. This is seen when Abigail breaks onto the intercom, despite the risk of execution, to alert the unaware citizens about the deoxygenating  of Section 17. Another message is about leadership when Bellamy and Clark assume leadership though they  are confused and in need of guidance themselves. Lessons on love and romance extending past the divide of different nations is observed through Octavia and Lincoln. Some messages even delve as deep and dark as dealing with the guilt of murder and learning to forgive oneself for necessary evils. It’s incredibly impressive how many difficult human choices the show covers in such a relatively short amount of time. For these wonderfully dramatic, action packed lessons, I give the show a 3.5/5 aka 70%. I am excited to experience the second season and hopefully knock that percentage to a 100% for The 100.

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