Stop Stressing: See the Bigger Picture of Mother Nature

Hello fellow writers and all nature lovers. This is a response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge

With all the Canada 150 national events going on this past summer, I couldn’t help but feel inspired to go out hiking in the forests and celebrate the breath-taking beauty of my homeland. From destinations as small as nearby nature reserves to destinations of Jasper, AB, there was tons of nature to be found.

I tend to come to a lot of realizations when I’m out in nature. Particularly my hike in Punch Bowl Falls, Jasper, lead me to realize how useless it is to spend time stressing about the social structures and worries of our daily lives. Allow me to explain.

Looking out into the Punch Bowl valley, I saw luscious vegetation for miles above me and waterfalls flowing down for miles below me, all to unite in a pool of beauty at the bottom:

Maligne Canyon Hike 5501IMG_1443.jpgImage-2

Wish these pictures did the Falls justice, but even they can’t capture the breathtaking beauty of this place.

As I stood on that lookout point, surrounded by this beautiful greenery, I understood that every molecule working to form every tree on that Jasper mountain was more powerful than I, or any other human, will ever be. When my short-lived human life is over, those pine and aspen and waterfalls will remain, in all their glory. When our modern-day civilization fades–just like the ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Sumerian  civilizations etc. did– all the responsibilities and worries arising from our “important” jobs, schools and structures will fade too. However, Mother Nature and her magnificent mountains will remain peeking into the sky’s clouds. The blazing sun will continue to glisten down on the eternal earth’s effortlessly glorious terrains. In the grand scheme of things, Mother Nature ranks at a much higher level of importance than our tiny human lives. The deadlines, stressors and structures that our lives revolve around are just a fraction of the big picture.

Yet we humans have this habit of focusing our lives and energy on the illusion of society’s importance. We spend all our time stressing over the materialistic objects or artificial chaos that we use to create some kind of small significance. Our stress is all in vain, for society’s structures are only a temporary distraction from nature’s superiority. Instead of getting stuck in society’s useless pitfalls and wars, our energy would be better invested enhancing lives or preserving nature which lasts long after our impending oblivion. Instead of stressing or fighting over issues that won’t matter, our energy would be better spent loving and adding to nature’s force that will remain to tell our human legacy. As September starts, and stressful school work or hectic schedules begin for many, we must refrain from wasting our lives fretting over these temporary, insignificant deadlines. We must not forget the bigger picture of Mother Nature.

6 thoughts on “Stop Stressing: See the Bigger Picture of Mother Nature

  1. Your photos are stunning! If you’re ever in Bangkok (Thailand), make sure you check out Metro Forest. It’s a stunning forest with lush greenery, beautiful flora and fauna, and a very photogenic observation tower and wooden bridge! 🙂 Looking forward to your next post!

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  2. Your post is spot on, Imani, we should all focus on the planet around us, rather than all those materialistic things that society constantly crams down our throats! At least you’ve been enjoying Mother Nature at her best over the summer! 🙂


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