How Long Should Reading Novels Take?

Hello fellow writers,

Whenever I read novels, I’m often pausing at every other page to jot down a quick annotation. Seriously.  My books are full of sticky notes about significant literary devices or artistic choices that I observed. The process helps me fully comprehend, recall and develop the plot’s information for class essays…or in book reviews for this blog! The process, however, is also very lengthy and causes my novel reading adventures to take me just over a month on average. Upon comparison with a handful of my peers, this is a rather long reading time when placed beside their average of two or three weeks. Granted that some prefer casual reads with quick, to-the-point escapes from reality rather than elaborate plot analysis and annotation, it still begs this question. Would it be more beneficial to finish novels with efficiency or to spare time for digging down into plot analysis?

Share you opinion in the poll below and if you’ve got a minute, you can comment your reasoning! How long does your reading process take? And if by some magic, you’re a deep plot analyst who still completes your novels quickly, share your tips in the comments. I could learn a thing or two from you!


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