Interview with a Bio-technician in Training

Hello fellow bloggers,

Bet you never thought you’d see an interview with a scientist on a writing blog. However, I am a lady of my words. As promised, this space will serve not only as an educational resource for literature, but also as a resource for those looking into careers of all categories and majors. Today’s edition of career exploration is…biotechnology featuring Bio-technician Namirata from U of T.

  1. So, what is bio-tech all about?

This is stuff like genetically modifying organisms to make medicine, food…stuff like that. I think a great example of this is the genetically modified insulin-producing bacteria that we biotechinicains  crafted in the past.

2.What’s your favourite part of the degree?

We get to do a Co-op program where we are hired in the workforce for a few semesters. The income from this definitely helps pay off our tuition, which is nice.

3. What is your least favourite part of the degree?

After just four or five years in the undergraduate program, it’s still quite difficult to find a decently paying job that’s not just repetitive lab work from your boss. I’d say a master’s degree is the minimum you need to really reap the reward of your studying .

4. How often do you get to socialize in the lab?

Not much if you’re just in an entry level technician job. Sometimes they’ll have to conduct experiments in groups so teamwork skills are good there. Those who get a master’s degree can become a manager and then can interact more with the different sectors of the company: financial, clients etc. You can make the company decisions and tell the technicians what to look up.

5. Any social/ moral conflicts/ stigmas that exists around your field?

People don’t seem to like GMO’s, saying that they cause cancer and mutilations. No one can actually prove that cancer comes from these experiments though. Sometimes it sucks that our research that saves lives and revolutionizes medicine can be undermined like this.

6. How much writing is involved?

We mostly do labs and science but I had to write a 40 page essay for my fourth year thesis so…I’d say quite a bit. Writing skills put the cherry on top of all the science knowledge.


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  1. This was such an informative post. I really liked your writing style and your blog itself is absolutely stunning ! I just came from the community pool and I’m so glad that I did – keep up the great work because I can’t wait to read more! Followed 🙂


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