Lessons Learned from 2 Years of Blogging

Guess who’s back! (*jokingly cues Eminem song* back again. Shady’s back. Tell a friend!)

No but seriously, hey everybody.

I’ve returned from my 4-month long posting hiatus to become a frequent blogger again…and man does it feel good. I’m excited to enter a third year of producing content for this excellent community. In fact, let me debut the year now by sharing what I’ve learned from the past year on this blog and during my time away.

Once a blogger, always a blogger… until exam season

I’m a blogger because sharing creative, thoughtful content with the world– and creating a platform where others can do this as well— brings me satisfaction. However I’m also a student who believes labour must come before leisure. Therefore, around exam time, if my grades are being compromised by me rushing to put watered-down content on this blog just to  meet my bi-weekly deadline…I’ve gotta draw a line. If I’m gonna be a blogger, I’m only gonna do it when I can put my all into each post while maintaining a healthy life balance. If that means I’ll have to start taking an annual 3-4 month hiatus, so be it.


What you give is what you get…but ask and ye shall receive

I tend to only post when I have something deep to say like some philosophical theory, a literary opinion, when I’ve noticed  a phenomenon in my life or even just an uplifting poem. I try to only put out the type of well-thought out content that I would want to see in my world and, as a result, I’ve shied away from posting about any literature that I didn’t fully understand. For example, there have been novels, movies and even music videos that I’ve seen in the past year just KNOWING that a certain object or camera angle/effect was symbolic…but also knowing that I lacked the expertise to fully comprehend what was being represented. In other instances, I lacked the strength to write novel reviews like one for James Patterson’s reputable novel “1st to Die” because of it’s morbid nature. In the face of these shortcomings, I could have simply come to the members of this community for help instead of neglecting all together the literature that I misunderstood. I’ve now observed other bloggers and learned that one can simply post questions posing their more advanced followers of their opinions on the complex literature. All this time, I could have simply asked someone who’s courageous to delve into James Patterson’s death novels to share their review with this community. As a matter in fact, power to you though if you were able to get past the first 8 chapters, unlike myself. I’d like to hear your opinion on the book sometime.

Inquire AND inspire

My original posts in the community had to do with analyzing and seeking the higher, hidden meanings in literary texts. However in the past year, I’ve delved into diverse topics that reveal more of the hidden, positive messages in life and I’ve found  that I’m most satisfied with these posts that leave my followers feeling uplifted and inspired. Whether it’s been reminders not to stress, positive poems or novel reviews that pin-point for readers exactly which books and movies to spend their time on, I feel glad to aid my followers. So go ahead and expect to see more of those uplifting posts coming up this year!

And on that note, let me end the first post in my third year blogging…hopefully the first of many more to come!

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