Saturday Morning – Poem by Imani Amour

Every Saturday morning

Without shadow of a doubt

Certain as dawn turns to dusk

And  long as the crescent moon outshines it’s night

and remains into the sun’s blue sky

I am just as sure to take just as long to sleep in

Lazy? Lethargy? No. Lassitude. Languor.

This is the way it’s always been

Resistant to change, if you couldn’t tell

But who knew that what it’s always been

would shatter into

A dozen geese squawking, dancing, flying into formation

as fast as the morning rain comes and goes

as fast as the beat of a new heart. Perspective

Found as dawn turned instead to day

and I woke up early to behold the sunrise

and the silence

and the serenity

outside of my languor bubble.

Sometimes change is for the best.


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