Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanks-Giveaway?

Hey fellow bloggers,

I had two blogging ideas: the first one being to change my blogging frequency to once every 3-4 weeks.  I’ve discovered that I need more time to experience life and literature in between posts before I can share the deep thoughts and analysis that I truly wish to. The second idea was  hosting a follower giveaway here via a blog promotion post.

You see,  The Writing Wave community has recently given me an awesome reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving: 100 WordPress followers! That’s right. We’ve created a community of 100+ aspiring writers and literary enthusiasts who have a platform here to connect. I’m really pleased that you’ve helped me turn this blog into a safe space for sharing so now I’m sharing followers with you!

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~Statistical analysis suggests that one of the most likely methods of getting a blog noticed is to have it promoted by another blogger. So I’ll be intensively plugging the blogs and posts of 3 my followers. Here’s how the competition works:

Step 1. You have until NOV 9th to drop a paragraph in the comments about your blog: all the who, where, when, what and why of your blog came coming into fruition today. Be creative, be passionate and descriptive; we all want to know your amazing story.

*P.S.* No, you don’t have to be a writing blog or even a WordPress blog… in fact when you’re writing the paragraphs leave links to your Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly even Youtube websites if you want. I want you guys to gain recognition and publicity like you’ve given me and by commenting down below with your story and website link, you’re already gaining exactly that.

Step 2: I’ll start checking the comments for the most passionate, compelling blogging stories. For the three best written paragraphs, I will publish posts on this blog dedicated to promoting those commenters. Expect a summary and rating of their web page as well as me re-pressing their best posts here for all of my 100 followers to see. It will be one promo a day starting November 9th so that each winner gets their 24 hours of fame in the community

If you win: I’ll be messaging you in the week prior to the announcement to find out if there’s any specific posts or aspects of your blog you want me to highlight in your shoutout.

If you want to nominate another blog to win: send me a message with why you think they should win but otherwise here’s what I’m grading for. Like I said above, I treasure quality over quantity if you wanna get really poetic or artistic about it. A passionate story teller which is precisely what I’m looking for. Good grammar and vocabulary are really good embellishments, but I’d say the most important thing is letting your personality shine through so we know what kind of people are apart of this community.

Good day and good luck to one and all. See you winners on November 9th.


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