The True Price of Cyber Monday

Hey fellow shoppers…I mean bloggers

So new style of writing today. I’m getting into “story times” and am feeling inspired since two weeks ago was Cyber Monday and now the shipping from my online splurges have rolled in to my doorstep. I thought I’d share my story—and a little bit of a rant— about my experience with online shopping. Hopefully it helps some of you decide whether this is a good shopping alternative for you next year.

In case you’re not sure what Cyber Monday is…basically imagine a millennial handyman fixed Black Friday and its wild lineups of consumers trampling over each other for sales. Apparently ever since 13 years ago, people have just flooded over to  the URL domains of online stores on this  for long lineup-free sales…sounds great right? I didn’t think so when I first heard of it 3 years ago; I’m pretty wary of being lied to on the internet if you couldn’t tell. It sounded like a good way for phony companies to ship in those crappy dresses that look great on the beautiful busty model in the picture but then seem to have magically shrunk when you try it on. But despite my cynical ways, I hadn’t heard any awful Cyber Monday horror stories yet and I’m sorta the broke college kid this year…I could use a good deal on Christmas presents right now. So I saw opportunity and rose to the occasion. Here’s how each shop went.

Aeropostale (sales rating 3.5/5)

Areopostale comparison.PNGConsidering that this store is usually pretty expensive, their sales were decent I guess…to be fair a lot of their “Doorbuster” shirts were between $15-$20 which I consider low enough. But  most things ranged from $20-$60 while on sale and I think deals could be cut way better than that. Most importantly, I didn’t even see an “outdoor shoes” section on that website which was one of the items I was specifically looking for so…I was quickly outta there and on to:

Old Navy (sales rating…2.5/5)

Wasn’t too impressed with the sales to be honest. The shirts were %50 f off so that was good but the quality of most of the clothes was visibly poor. It was like the new trend for the dresses and T-shirts was “looks as worn out and torn as if you’ve owned it for years before you even buy it.” No wonder all that stuff was on sale…but they had ADORABLE animal socks and nice cheap stocking stuffers that looked classy and everything. They were even giving away a pair of free, fluffy plaid socks with every purchase. Honestly the only reason I didn’t suck it up and just shop there is that their shipping was like $6 extra.

However they’re still better than the stores who had no Cyber Monday sales at all. I was pretty let down to see that neither Urban Planet nor Forever 21 had anything even affiliated with Cyber Monday. Would like to see some action from them next year. Alternatively, the next store had me covered:

Bluenotes (sales rating 4.5/5)

Bluenotes Men.PNGBluenotes socks

Free shipping, cheap enough and good quality clothes with witty slogans or cute designs on them. Needless to say this store was a win. Only thing is that the age demographic they cater to is predominately young people so I had to do some looking around to find gifts for my older loved ones there. Head on over if you’re shopping for 13-26 year olds.

Ardene (sale rating 3/5)

Online, I found the sales on their items were either incredibly cheap or incredibly mediocre. I found many shoes marked down from $40 to $25 which I was still uncomfortable paying since I could probably find better quality shoes for the same price. I found some iconic Veronica Lodge heels marked down from $35 to $14 so that was cool. You just had to look around to find things that were %70 off. It was a decent experience except for the $34 purse that I got for $17. For $35 I’d expect this thing to at least be well-sewn together and glued tightly. I learned the hard way however that the reason this thing cost less than $20 is because there were still threads coming out of the handles and the little accessory on it broke off within minutes of me receiving the package. I’m keeping it despite its poor fabric and faulty nature because it’s not like I use it everyday…but still learning from that lesson.

And that’s about it. This post wasn’t sponsored FYI even if you’re thinking: “Gosh, how many sponsorships can this girl  fit into one post?” Haha just kidding although*hint* Bluenotes hit me up if you’re looking for promotions*…No but I really just thought now that I have some intel on what Cyber Monday is really like, that I’d pass it on to people who were on the fence like I was before. What has your experience been with online shopping? Let me know in the comments if you have any pro tips for scoring awesome sales and if you like reviews like this, you’ll enjoy the content I post over at Vocal





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