Suiting up for Suits: TV Show Review

Suits (season 1) ~ rating: 5/5 …that’s right…you read that correctly… all five stars✮✮✮✮

Hey fellow bloggers and “TV-aholics”

If you’re looking for shows to binge on your next weekend off, the first season of Suits has got you covered.

I didn’t believe all the hype about this show’s addicting properties: what could be so wild on some show about a bunch of stuck up, corporate lawyers? But two years later, protagonist Mike Ross proved me wrong as he scammed his way into one of the most prestigious law firms in New York. Needless to say, this drama has been a critically acclaimed, addictive success and here’s why you’ll love it!


Some people binge TV shows as an escape, tired from the work week. Others watch for the deep stuff:  symbolism and creative literary devices in the film work of others. Suits easily appeals to both categories due to the incredibly relatable protagonist Mike. He doesn’t exactly look the part of a nerd (though his exceptionally high IQ begs to differ) and he’s not as presumptuous as his lawyer co-workers either. He’s chill, plain and ambiguously fits into any setting he’s placed into, making him easy for viewers to see parts of themselves in him. So even though he starts as some stoner fraud, we’re rooting for him to succeed amidst new friends and foes in the corporate “real” world. Addicted, we feel Mike’s victorious law suits as if they were our own and we feel pain as dirt lawyers back stab him. More importantly, we want to catch all the strategic cuts, lenses and  amazing cuts–P.S kudos to the director’s for that– that give us hints and clues as to the intentions of the people with which Mike interacts. Mostly because the whole time, we hopeless romantics are dying to know what Rachael’s intention are!

Yes this only my opinion. BUT ITS CLEAR TO SEE she’s far better for Mike than the whole “old time lovers” situation that he and Jenny are desperately trying to hold onto. It’s often demonstrated, down to the wardrobe the producers select for Jenny, that she represents the naive immaturity of Mike’s youth, luring back into the drug dealing business. The beautiful, intelligent, mature Rachael Zane would be far better as Mike’s princess. Although I’m probably just secretly rooting for her because her actress (Meghan Markle) is the real life princess now. Nevertheless, if you’re a sucker for love triangles and forbidden romance…you’ll be screaming for “Machael” to be a thing the whole time.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll also be angrily screaming about Harvey. Although quite sauve, he often heartlessly manhandles Mike, Louis and the ever-so-devoted Donna. He  seems demeaning but to that I would say: ignore it for now. Season 2, although not as enthralling, devotes many episodes to character development and explaining Harvey’s rash behavior. So for now viewers can simply rely on the personalities of other characters to tide them over. Take for example, Donna and her dramatic, acting skills; the diva is a lady after my own heart. Or instead one might relate to the personal struggles of Louis, misunderstood and yearning for the recognition his work deserves. Either way, every viewer will find plenty of explosively addictive and relatable material in the thrilling drama. So buckle up, viewers and prepare to watch with caution because these exhilarating episodes will form the best TV binge you ever had…

Or have you already watched Suits? Let me know in the comments and if you like content like this, you’ll enjoy my content over on Vocal.

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