To Read or Not to Read: Battle of the Simons

Have you ever been in a time bust and wanted nothing more than a quick verdict on the better choice for your schedule: reading the original novel or watching its film adaptation? Well look no further; this new comparison segment I’m starting has got you covered! The plan is for me to read the book, then watch the movie, then judge which one is a better fit for you. Basically, these film and novel review all-in-one help you make the most of your time and avoid literature you may hate…YAY! So here are the categories I’m using to rate the two works of art.


Which is more beneficial to everyday life: this will tell you which piece is right if you’re just looking for an immediately relatable, easy read/watch that you can escape from your own world in.

Which demonstrates more creativity/literary taste stuff like symbolism, foreshadowing, imagery and how easy that stuff is to pick out.

Which will help you ace the knowledge test: a category for if you were supposed to read the book for class but didn’t and need to know if the movie can now save your grade 😛

Which leaves you feeling more satisfied at the end: tells you which has the better pay-off if you’re willing to put aside a desire for instant gratification.

And of course, the overall verdict of which is just…better


Okay, well now that we all get the program, let’s start comparing without further ado. Today’s edition: Love, Simon or Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda.


Overall verdict: Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda…for sure. It’s more realistic in its character development and in its social criticisms of society’s lack of diverse representation. In fact, Becky Albertalli is a talented, intelligent author and I’d recommend far more of her books whereas I can not say the same of the movie’s director.

Which is more beneficial to everyday life: Love Simon’s better if you just want a quick cry and then laugh. It’s not quick but it’s far more dramatic and far reaching in its ability to quickly enthrall and captivate readers. Alternatively, the book is so strategic and well thought out that it takes a lot more brain power to appreciate it thus rendering it less practical for simple everyday matters. I’ll also add that the soundtrack to this movie is amazing with music from Khaled and Banners!

Which demonstrates more literary taste: Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda does a better job of delving into the deep social criticisms and there’s more inside jokes alluding to previous emails between Blue and Simon. It’s also worth noting that the book is rarely predictable thus adding an added literary device of suspense. Foreshadowing was well done in the book but to be fair the movie outdoes it in this regard.

Which will help you ace the test: DON’T watch the movie if you’ve got a test on this. In order to dramatize the novel, the movie plot is totally warped (although improved in some regards.) Here’s my advice if it’s too late to read the book: Lea’s actually in love with Nick, Simon has an older sister named Alice and Nick has a crush on her. I don’t wanna give spoilers so the rest you’ll have to figure out in a Sparknotes cram session…good luck!

Which leaves you feeling more satisfied at the end: Definitely the book. The movie’s ending made me feel super ANGRY. I felt it inaccurately portrayed the difficult nature of coming out as a gay couple…all for the sake of wrapping up with a nice “fairytale” ending that directors thought viewers would like. But I think a tactic like that is just lazy and commodification that reduces the struggles that the LGBTQ community actually goes through. Would have liked to see a more complete portrayal of the emotions of the characters as they endured such a life-altering, coming of age moment. The book (while not perfect in its ending) does a far better job of this and therefore is my preferred text of the two.

And that’s it until my next review guys. Let me know which book vs film adaption would help you guys out so I can do that next.

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