To Read or Not to Read: Beauty and the Beast

Hey fellow bloggers,

So about a year ago, the Beauty and the Beast remake starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Josh Gad was released only to become the ninth-fastest-grossing film worldwide. Huge success.  Around then, I found this copy of the novel the film is based on and I thought it’d be cool to compare which was the better romance…I mean after all it is Valentines Day! Here goes:

Overall verdict: Guys, I have literally never loved a book so much…it is the undeniable winner of the two. My favourite thing about this story is that unlike most romances that just recycle a romeo-juliet plot line, this is an original classic. Whatsmore, I thought it would be kind of cheesy because it’s originally a children’s story…but not this version of the book. Oh no! In fact, the plot of this version is packed with so many French cultural allusions and literary symbols that I wouldn’t even recommend this for kids; the references would fly right over their heads! But for strong readers that like outspoken, relatable heroines and are suckers for true love, suspense and action scenes…read it! Seriously, the movie is good and all but there was something enchanting as I flipped through the pages that warmed my heart and made me cry tears of joy.

Which is more beneficial to everyday life: it’s a tie considering neither are really practical for everyday use. The film is, being made for children, is too whimsical and musical for me to foresee it bring cathartic release to any normal adult problems. Also, it’s long and I had to watch it in 2 separate sittings. Due to the deep character development in the novel, I can see people finding solutions and to their everyday life in this. The problem there though is that this isn’t an easy read that you can just pickup for the good parts and then put down for later. You’ve gotta be invested with this book…rendering it non-practical for everyday use also.

Which demonstrates more literary taste: technically the film since it has literally everything that the book has PLUS the literary devices carried in it’s songs. But being totally subjective here, I think the music detracts from the beauty of the mature, advanced plot line anyway.

Which will help you ace the test: Literally I think I only noticed one or two differences between the film and the book…they follow each other line for line. So rest assured you’ll get at least %80 if you’re just going off of the movie…not that I’ve ever seen a class be quized on a fairy tale before…you never know though!

Which leaves you feeling more satisfied at the end: not gonna lie…they quote each other word for word so you’ll feel equally satisfied either way. Although I was sad when the book ended because I just wanted it to go on forever…so I guess that makes it more satisfying? If you couldn’t tell, I’m really skewed in favour of the book here.

Anway, that’s my opinion in a nutshell everybody. If anyone knows who the official author of this book is or where I can find more Disney novels like this, let me know. Because I searched my copy inside and out and the only author listed is Disney Inc.

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