Nostalgia:                                                                            a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to some past period

Hey fellow bloggers and music lovers,

Like every other teenager, I have my fair share of phases. I thoughts what it was, months ago, when I fell in love with “Boys of Summer” by Don Henly. Listening to it for the first time threw me into this passionate wave of nostalgia!























I’m not sure why… the song was released in 1984 and I don’t relate to its story of lovers who will reunite after the ephemeral obstacles in their romance disappear (WOW…deep) But somehow, with no connection to this song’s themes,  it just triggers something deep inside. And that’s exactly what I want to talk about today: songs that just take you back.

There’s something about music that removes us from unsettled time of our lives and back to the simplicity of childhood or the safety of home. Do YOU travel way back when you hear music from The Eagles? Or does a different band/artist bring you  trigger your nostalgic feels?

According to Spotify these were some of the most highly rated “throwback” songs in 2018:



































And I put in some older classics of my own:

Classic Adams…who by the way is still churning out some sick hits today! 10/10 would suggest his album “Get up” even though he’s got more recent music.











Uptown girl…living in her little up town wooorrrld






Get Rick- ROLLED




Which songs bring you back to the good ol’ days?

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