Today’s Topic: You

Hey fellow bloggers,


Today I’m throwing a series of polls and tags your way in an attempt to discover more about you guys. Specifically, I want to know which books, TV shows, movies and music pieces you guys are into so I can cover that in my  next “Quarterly Two Cents” review.

So I’m starting with this trending challenge that I noticed on @Rory AKA Bloke ‘s blog. He’s inspired me to put my own spin on it for today’s purposes: share 2 quotes from your favourite movie/book/TV show/ song of all time. Then in the comments, tag 2 other bloggers by typing ” @ their blogname ” so they can share their favourite quotes in the comments and tag their friends…and so on.

I’m excited to see what you guys come up with when the ball gets rolling! Can’t think of a favourite quote yet? Don’t worry. If you don’t already have a favourite book or movie quote, surely you’ll find one in the literature released over the next few months. Listed above are polls of the most anticipated books, TV shows and movies for the next few months; vote on which ones you’re most excited to see and I’ll make sure to feature the winners in future posts!


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