Music: Ophelia…Cleopatra…Gloria…Now Donna and…You!

Hey fellow bloggers,

So you know The Lumineers? It’s that feel-good, folks-y kind of indie band who’s artistic music fills everybody with nostalgic happiness? Well a few hours ago they came out with another single named ONCE AGAIN after some seemingly random woman’s name. First they released the song Ophelia, then Cleopatra, then Angela, last month it was Gloria…now Donna! Will they ever run out of women’s names for their songs? ANYWAYS, Today I wanna hear how you guys feel about their latest release. Does it bring you back and give you the nostalgia feels? Remind you of a friends story? Or are you just crazy about the music video? Here it is:


2 thoughts on “Music: Ophelia…Cleopatra…Gloria…Now Donna and…You!

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