Talking to Yourself…Online…You Should Try it!

Hey fellow bloggers.

So this time last year, I had an amazing English teacher who introduced this excellent idea during the final block of the year: writing letters to yourself. It’s a time capsule kind of idea where you don’t open it for a select amount of years…if you can wait that long…

and then see how much you’ve changed. In this age of instant messaging, there’s something magical and inexplicably cathartic about creating time portals for yourself through these letters. I was so inspired by Mr. Z’s idea that I want to carry on the tradition this year except for I’m posting this  letter on here in hopes  that maybe even 1 of you will be  inspired to time travel though your life journeys as well. Here goes:

Dear Imani-Amour,

I’ve got to refer to you in the third person for the remainder of this letter; it would be lying to say “dear, past me,” or “dear, myself,” when I’ve changed so much from the girl you are now. To be fair we’re the same in many ways: your industriousness, innocent sense of wonder and resilient determination are still fiery and strong within me. It’s just that, by now, I have a better idea of where and when to focus those traits. I’d describe it as a better internal compass directing me as to when those traits will improve my world vs destroy it. I’ve learned that while it’s good to never give up, the line for how far you’ll go should always stop before anyone’s character and/or pace of maturity become compromised. Sometimes that means you have to give up on certain relationships with people.

Although, your academic future is looking bright…you can’t believe that now because you’re so obsessed with any flaws on your report cards. You need to realize that one fail isn’t going to define the rest of your post-secondary career or life beyond…despite the overwhelming academic pressure placed on you 24/7. More importantly, you must realize that your academic future isn’t all that there is to life.

You’ll come to find, through the many volunteer projects that you undertake in the next year, that the biggest high comes from helping others achieve their highest potential. Strength of character is the true measure of who you are and where you’re going;  it forms those sparks inside that no one can ever re-create or remove. But service to others is how you gain strength of character and is therefore the key to the universe; don’t forget that. If nothing else, remember to try to treasure each and every individual that you meet because you’ll never get to the top without the help of others.

However, you can still get to great places individually and that’s especially important to remember later this year when friends you thought would become family…fade. Sometimes you put your heart into someone and all it takes is 1 change for them to move on to seemingly bigger, better things and forget you exist. Sometimes you wonder if your life is a joke because everything that gave you a sense of purpose crumbles apart in a matter of months. And sometimes you float through life in a false bubble, accidentally ignoring the people who actually care about you because you’re pursuing the wrong things…the wrong people.

And you realize that had it not been for the heartbreak of being forgotten by the wrong people, you would have never remembered to return to the right ones who are a part of your true destiny.

And you realize that your life isn’t a cruel joke but rather this glorious journey that is only just beginning now that you’re set on better goals.

And you wonder why it took you so long to figure that out.

And you realize that’s what the impending world of adulthood is all about: figuring out complexities of life with little to no hints along the way.

So enjoy your childhood now…even though you hate when adults around you patronize you like some kind of kid…you’ll wish you could be treated like one very soon when the real world kicks in. But when it does, you’ll also know, that you can make it out alive, like you always do, if you only believe.

Yours truly,


15 thoughts on “Talking to Yourself…Online…You Should Try it!

  1. This is a pretty neat idea. I guess, you could say I do this a lot in my journaling, just maybe not as direct. Looking back over the many years of writing, I see how much I’ve changed…and sometimes, how I’ve stayed the same. … happy writing! 😉

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  2. Hey there, great post ! writing your own journal is an amazing idea and it’s used by many (especially psychologist) to help others defining how they really feel, what they want and where to go ! writing evth on paper makes it more clear ! keep it up ! love your blog !

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  3. I have written stacks of journals, and life hasn’t slowed down any, so I’m not sure when I’ll get around to reading them! But I do have flashes of memories in familiar moments that show me that I HAVE made some progress.
    Some years ago I did write a letter to the “November me” from the “January me” and stuck it in my calendar to read before the holiday season. This was because I had just spent my fourth Christmas in a row sick and run-down and unable to enjoy it. I had tried to do everything, and do it perfectly and “beyond the call of duty” – not the least of which was directing the school Christmas pageant. I had to warn my November self what could happen again, and remind her to prioritize, not be such a perfectionist, and to put my own health somewhere on the list of “musts.” The next year I read the note from January me, took her advice, and had a much better holiday.

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    1. That’s phenomenal, Ann and I’m so glad that you shared! The life changing reflection that you experienced is the sort of powerful effect I’d like my readers to have. You’re an inspiring example of why we should write to remind ourselves of our priorities and our inner needs which become so suppressed by the external pressure placed on us by the world. I’m glad you’re doing the better and, even though it’s August, the holidays seem to rush right in after this time. So I wish you all the best this holiday season too 🙂

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  4. Thank you, Imani-Amour! Yes, I’ve found wisdom comes and goes in waves. It’s not just a straight upward line, and I find myself having to learn the same things over and over. And yes, writing helps a lot – and rereading our own writings. I love the way you talked to your younger self. It’s something that should be shared with your children, grandchildren, or other young people in your life. Who knows? They might even pay attention and take your advice.

    PS Have you heard the song, “Dear Younger Me” by MercyMe? I’ve had that song going through my head ever since I first read this. 😉

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    1. Wow, thanks! I like that: “wisdom comes and goes in waves.” That’s true and, like you said, something to be deeply shared so as to make impact on learners in my life.
      I’ve heard of MercyMe but never that song… I’m totally going to look it up in a bit!


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