4th Blogiversary: We’re Still in This

Hello fellow bloggers,

Does anyone else find that the new WordPress post editor is way more difficult to use? I’m not sure if the other one was more intuitive or if I had just already acclimatized to any difficulties with the previous editor…

It doesn’t really matter though. Life changes in unforeseeable ways and you have to be prepared to either adapt and transform or get left behind in the dust. You either like the new editor, you put energy into complaining to WordPress about changes you want made or you simply get used to using the new editor real fast. That’s just the way it is and that’s the lesson I learned in this past year of blogging.

Things changed: I went from being an avid bi-weekly blogger to posting once every 2-3 months. Ie: I got entangled with 6+ courses, labs and work then made the choice to prioritize those instead of my passion for writing.

The me from four years ago would be disappointed. She started this space four years ago so that important social and literary messages from all writers could be frequently broadcasted worldwide and that certainly wasn’t happening this year with me barely posting and all. Then again, the 2020 version of me doesn’t really mind that my blogging habits have changed. I’m looking back at my old posts, realizing how much I’ve changed since then and how many of those seems sound so far off from my current mental space. Maybe it’s good that this year I wasn’t posting inaccurate representations of who I now am.

And who I am now believes maybe there is no right answer on whether I shoul have been posting or not. Maybe there doesn’t need to be a certain post frequency that I’m holding myself to on this blog only to feel guilty when I miss it because I was focusing on other things in my life that bring me fulfillment. I don’t want to pressure myself into producing rushed content to meet deadlines that don’t really impact anyone in the world and certainly leave me feeling drained. At this age, people keep asking me what I want to be when I’m older. I just want to be free to share my universal truths at my own pace.

So in my fourth year of blogging (or lack thereof) who I am has changed, the quality of what I’m posting has become crucial and my genuine connection with my audience has become the bottom line. I’m still so grateful for the dozens of great writers/musicians/authors that I’ve met while sharing on the website but now I want to connect with them more in the comments than through bi-weekly posts that kill me to make and that have useless content. I hope you’ll understand until next time…whenever that may be!

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