12 Days of Christmas – Journal

Hello fellow bloggers,

How are you? I’m mostly good.

I feel like everyone is mostly good around this time of year because the colourful lights are going up for the holidays and everyone seems to be more kind and giving as they reflect on family and blessings in our lives. I feel like the end of this year full of quarantine and healthcare controversies will be especially worth recording; many unforeseen changes will have to be made to our holiday traditions. At least in my province, there’s recently been a ban on indoor gatherings with authorities being able to charge $1000 to all parties violating this ban. So I’m waiting to see how Christmas works when family gatherings are illegal and I’m guessing there will be many chaotic events to record…

So I’m writing a journal post everyday for the first 12 days of December describing any of these crazy Christmas events.

I probably won’t notice very much seeing as I also essentially have 12 days of school left before exam season is over; I’ll probably be studying too much everyday to actually notice any chaotic controversies going on. But I thought recording what happens in each day might be a fun little way to take a break from studying while still doing something productive. Besides, I think I need to start blogging more in the new year so this is a warmup for that if nothing else. If I forget to post each day for the next 12 days or if I literally can’t find anything interesting to record then I’ll probably just keep going past the 12 day mark and just journal all the way until Christmas. I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing…who knows…it’s ok to just go with the flow for now.

So 3…2…1…Here’s the official start of my 12 Days of Christmas Journaling Challenge I guess. Feel free to join me and journal what happens in your 12 days of Christmas on your own blog. If you do start journaling, tag me or send me the link so I can read yours! For now I’m tagging












Peace out for now.

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