12 Days of Christmas – Journal 2

Hi fellow bloggers,

Here’s what went down on December 1, 2020:

I woke up and felt great; 8 hour sleep really does work wonders! Or maybe I just felt good because of the lovely sunshine that we’re blessed enough to receive in this area even during one of the darkest, coldest months of the year.

I went to McDonalds for breakfast (lunch by the time that I woke up) and I saw someone wearing a mask in their car all by themselves. If that’s not dedication I don’t know what is honestly. I came home and ate my burger with grapes so that the healthy fruit would cancel out with the fast-food…cause that’s totally how it works right? Just kidding; I wish you could actually cancel out fatty foods with healthy stuff instead of the calories just all adding up together. But then again too many grapes actually have more sugar than the pop and burgers that they sell at McDonalds so grapes aren’t even that healthy just because they’re a fruit. I honestly just had the grapes because I was thirsty but didn’t want t drink boring, tasteless water…which explains why I’ve been feeling dehydrated lately…

So basically this is the start of my 12 day pact to drink at least one glass of water per day.

I’ve also decided to add a festive song of the day recommendation with every post in this 12 day series. I didn’t make it ”Christmas Song of the Day” because then this blog would fill up with Mariah Carrey music videos WAY too fast. So today the festive song that is energizing me to go on with my studies is ”do re mi” by Blackbear…yes spelled with all lowercase letters. I put it on one of his songs every time I feel so stressed that I can’t go on (so he’s basically playing non-stop during exam season…) Anyways, he’s this totally underrated signer/ song-writer and if you listen to his albums, his lyrics are some of the most creative, genuine and well-written in the pop industry. I won’t post the ”do re mi”’ rap song because I’m still trying to keep this blog PG-13 I guess. But I’ll post his ”Smile Again” music video below if you want to check him out because it does have that feel-good, holiday memories kind of vibe.

I’m trying this technique where I dress up in fancy clothes even though its quarantine and nobody’s actually going anywhere fancy. Apparently studies show that this helps you work more productively as if you were in the office even though you’re not. It seems to work for me I guess. Maybe it’s just placebo effect because I want it to make me more productive so then I do work more productively.

But then again, a truly productive person would go grab a package as soon as it arrived in the mail. I got a notification that the Christmas present I ordered for my friend is in our mailbox but my Dad said he’s going to check it later so I just keep waiting for him to bring the package in for me instead of walking all the way out in the snow to get it myself. Hey, you might call it being lazy but I call it working smarter not harder.

Well I think that’s it so see you tomorrow to journal about more miscellaneous details in my life you probably will never need to know! Cheers.

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