12 Days of Christmas Challenge – Day 3

Hello fellows bloggers,

As anticipated, it’s day 3 of this journal writing challenge and I’ve already run out of interesting things to say. C’est la vie, I guess.

I mean I did spend a solid hour browsing though the fan merch of my favourite musical artists yesterday and pretending I would buy their albums and T-shirts when I knew damn well I was just going to ex out all the tabs at the end and buy nothing. Only in a dream world would I spend $40 CAN on a basic T-shirt that I could get for $10 at the store…even if it did have an epic print. Anyways, all that browsing through musical artists merch got me listening to Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe so that’s the festive song of the day!

It was nice to at least escape from my studies for a bit even if it was just listening to some Christmas tunes and going on a virtual shopping spree where I bought nothing. I can’t wait for exams to be over so I can go on a real shopping spree for the Christmas presents I’m getting everybody. I already ordered one for my friend and it finally came in the mail. It’s the hoodie below:

I’ll post more pictures of what I got everyone in a ”Gift Inspiration” post later this month and maybe it will give some of you ideas for what to get your loved ones. At least that’s where I get my ideas every year for what to get my loved ones.

The weather has been suspiciously tame for my area (little snowfall, mostly sunshine, no ice on the road.) I’m hoping it will continue throughout Winter because I’m thinking of becoming one of those Postmates food delivery people. If the weather stays nice then it will be easy enough to transport myself around town to deliver food to locals! Although I was looking more into these services and right now a trending video on Youtube explains why these services are actually ineffective:

Not sure I’ll let that stop me from at least trying it out though. I’m not sure about a lot in my life right now so I’ve decided to just take things day by day for now. And this seems like a good place to stop today’s post!

Peace out until tomorrow.

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