12 Days of Christmas Journal – Day 4

Hello fellow bloggers,

First thing’s first: the festive song of the day today is “Always be My Baby” by…. not Mariah Carrey. Instead it’s a wonderful cover done by David Cook from American Idol!

Something about the melancholy , deepness behind this artists voice makes this almost as legendary as Queen Mariah herself! I was reminded of it when I heard it a similar cover on the radio as I made a fast-food run to KFC to get brunch…very healthy I know. I would highly recommend that anyone who likes KFC go there right now as they are having an excellent $10 for 2 deal right now! The amount of food I got for just $10 was insane! I brought some home and shared it for 3 people as a matter in fact. They weren’t expecting me to bring back much of anything so it was nice to surprise them and put a little smile on their face. See, this is why I like this time of year because everybody is just sharing and caring in the name of holiday spirit!

In light of the holidays, many Youtubers are doing giveaways and I am here for it! I never usually used to participate in these pre-pandemic but somehow, I’ve been finding some pretty good prizes that Youtubers give out during contests to their subscribers. No matter how busy I may get with my studies, I always have time to at least check out the contests and potentially win cool Christmas gifts for either myself or my friends. The contests usually require commenting on one of the Youtuber’s social media and then you get to talk with them one on one. So even if the prize is simply a gift card, you also get the perk of networking with the Youtubers as if you’re meeting a celebrity sometimes. I know some people might be interested in participating in these contests so let me know if you guys would want to see a post with links to any good contests I find on Youtube as I browse.

In other news, I got 5 hours of sleep and had to wake up earlier than I should have in order to hand in a lab project. I’m not complaining though because it just means I’ll sleep like a baby tonight. I have about 4 more projects to hand in before the weekend is over though so CHOW!

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