12 Days of Christmas Journal – Day 5

Hello fellow bloggers,

Today was a good day. I am grateful. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far.

These are the type of positive affirmations they were telling me to repeat to myself today at the “How to Deal with Burnout” virtual workshop that my school hosted. I still feel stressed out but it was nice to at least see some smiling faces and know that we’re all going through these tough times together. Plus I didn’t even know they entered everyone who was there into a raffle so now there’s a chance that I could win a gift card!

Speaking of winning gift cards, I did promise I would post about the giveaways I’ve been finding lately. I found some on both Youtube AND WordPress for free designer purses on lvluxdelight‘s Youtube Channel, Harry Potter Merch, Athletic Wear etc. One giveaway that I just found promotes the novels of Eric Huffbind, a famous WordPress Blogger and author. That giveaway has a $10 Amazon gift card prize but it ends in 15 hours…so I would hurry if you want to enter! Then there’s this challenge on WordPress called ”Giveaway Hops” which I haven’t fully looked into but from what I gather, many bloggers who are doing giveaways post about it here so that readers can enter multiple contests at once? I’m still looking looking into that but I know participants have until the 18th to get entries in so for those of you who have to win free stuff…go, go, go! Let me know if you spot any more good giveaways this holiday season and maybe I’ll take a look after exams.

I also had exceptional Dairy Queen fries and burger today but I didn’t talk about that until the end of this post because I think it’s kinda weird if fast food was the first highlight that I mentioned in each day of this journal series. However, during exam season, I do tend to cook less at home because I prefer quick, easy, fast-food that requires no meal prep or clean up. And I mean, they were some really good fries that were perfect for any stress-eating session, not gonna lie here.

While I’m talking about fast-food industries, I wanted to give everybody a PSA: McDonald’s is officially the same price as all the other fast-food chains. I used to mostly buy my fast-food at McDonald’s because I thought it was the cheapest restaurant. However, yesterday I got a box full of KFC to feed 3 people for even cheaper than the cost for 3 people at McDonalds. My Dairy Queen burger and fries today only cost a few cents more than McDonalds for 1 person. What other misconceptions about fast food could I possibly have that are totally false?

Only time will tell. Until then, see you later and remember to make each day a good day. Remember to remain grateful. Remember to be proud of what you have accomplished so far.

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