12 Days of Christmas Journal – Day 6

Hello fellow bloggers

Ok so first thing’s first! I forgot to put a festive song of the day yesterday so I’m starting with that today:

It’s called “Another Year” by FINNEAS a famous singer-songwriter and his voice is really good. I looked him up after listening and apperantly he’s related to Billie Eilish so that’s cool; it looks like musical talent just flows in that family’s blood.

Anyway time for announcement #2: I bought Christmas presents for everybody! I wasn’t planning on shopping so soon but I had gone out to study at a coffee shop super close to the mall by chance. So when I needed a break, I happened to stroll past the mall with all the big BLACK FRIDAY sales signs and then decided to just go for it. I got at least 1 thing for everybody on my gift-list although there’s other things I wanted to add into their gifts so I’ll have to go back. These are some of the things that I got:

For a teenage boy:

For Mom:

P.S if you’re looking for Bath and Body Works candles right now, there’s a HUGE sale going on. If you’re not scared of big lineups, you could score a pretty good deal on those.

For a twenty-something female (and Harry Potter addict):

The gift for my Dad (a leather wallet and one more thing) and for my secret santa (still deciding) aren’t yet complete so I’ll show that in another post when they are. Let me know if you have any ideas for what I can get the people I’ve mentioned so far!

2 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Journal – Day 6

  1. Great day to you hope all is well. Even though giving money and gift cards is typical I like to put a Twist on it by creating a creative way to present it to them. Therefore I’ll go to YouTube and find different ways how to make money into gifts such as money Reese, bouquets of flowers and there’s all type of creative ways to present someone a gift card check it out

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    1. That’s so good that you mentioned that because I’ve always felt like gift cards were the boring version of a gift because ether so plain. But now that you mentioned ways to decorate them like into a bouquet then it’s more exciting and grand for the person receiving!


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