12 Days of Christmas Journal – Day 10…and Christmas Gift Haul

Hello fellow bloggers,

I got one exam out of the way. I’ve already dwelled enough on how difficult it was. I’m just glad it’s over and I’m one step closer to CHRISTMAS! To help de-stress after the exam, I went shopping for the rest of the gifts I was planning on getting Dad and my secret santa.

For Dad:

Credit to Poshmark.com for this photo. I got the mug locally but this picture is from Niveah’s Closet.

For my secret santa, it was trickier to think of what to get…I hardly know the person I’m buying for! She said on her website that she’s into piano, digital art and baking so I got her cookie cutters and a pre-wrapped ”cake-in-a-mug” baking kit that comes with a festive Christmas mug!

Credit to these websites for the photos.

I’m also planning on getting her a sassy, baking apron that says something cool or witty but I couldn’t find any in TWO local stores that I checked… let me know if you know of any good custom clothing stores (online or in-person) that I could get quick shipping from because my local stores do not seem to like aprons…

I’ll leave you with the festive song of the day that I have stuck in my head: ”Finesse” by Bruno Mars ft Cardi B.

Some pretty groovy moves if you ask me! See you guys tomorrow.

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