Happy New Year

Hello fellow bloggers,

It’s a new year, new me. Here is what I am doing now and here’s the plan for what I will be doing down the line in 2021.

Lately I have:

  • been working out once a week. I don’t want to get a gym membership because the restrictions around those public places seem to change every second. It’s difficult to get accustomed to going to the gym only to hear that they’re closing temporarily for COVID-19 so I’ve been researching home workouts instead.
  • been making a point to taste new alcholic beverages to discover and refine my tastes and preferences. Here’s my review on each one:

White Claw – Hard Seltzer – Rating: 4/5

  • .
    • This is supposed to be like a healthier, low-calorie, low-sugar, low-everything version of alcohol for those watching their weight I guess. It’s overrated if you ask me but I like it because it doesn’t taste too strong going down (almost like water) but it still gives you the same buzzed effect as any other cooler. For those who aren’t watching their sugar levels or anything, I’ve found that White Claw is really good mixed with sangria wine or moscato (or both if you dare.) The bottle is cool too. Now that I’m working out and trying to become healthy, I’m not sure how much I’ll be drinking overall but it’s good to know that there’s a somewhat healthy option for those parties with my friends post-quarantine.
  • fallen in love with buying new candle scents! Someone who didn’t know me would probably think I was addicted to candles after watching me buy 5 in the past month…and I just might be. Although, every time I light them they create such a warm, relaxing ambience so I really have no regrets about binge buying 5 of these things. Here’s the scents I’ve been enjoying:
  • been trying new Christmas scented body washes…life-changing, lemme tell ya! I used to think buying all matching body wash and lotion was just a scam and all you needed was a bar of regular, unscented soap to take care of yourself. In order to smell like heaven all day though, this is the order you’re supposed to use the body-wash in:
    1. wash with regular, unscented bar soap.
    2. Use a nice floral/vanilla/ fruity/ Christmas etc. scented shower gel/ body wash (if you’re a guy, the scents are marketed differently but you can try Old Spice or Manscaped Shower products)
    3. Get out of your shower or bath and immediately use lotion in the exact same scent as the shower gel you used. (This will make you smell like heaven for a few hours)
    4. Use perfume/ cologne in the same scent as the shower gel and lotion. (This will make you smell like heaven all day)
    5. Use vasoline/petroleum jelly/ lip balm on your wrists, neck and elbows before you stick on the perfume and that will cause it to stick onto you even longer so that you smell good even when you wake up the next day!

Not sure how I made it to this age without discovering these skin-care routines…to be fair, no one has really needed to smell like heaven since March because no one’s leaving their bed during quarantine…still I’m a changed person after trying this technique. Even in quarantine, my mental health just feels improved after doing something to take care of myself more than the bare minimum and I find that I am more productive when I shower like this. Try it!

This Year I will:

  • develop my musical skills by practicing a musical activity at least once/ week. What does that look like?
    • playing songs on the guitar
    • listening to a new album by an artist or band while I’m driving/ doing chores
    • practicing a new song on the piano
    • Spend the same amount of time writing songs as I do writing blog posts
  • decided to work out at least 3 times a week…which is the mot cliché New Years resolution… I know but for the first time in a long time I actually feel my desire to keep my body active is stronger than the desire to lounge around and make excuses that I’m busy with work to take care of my body. Motivation to exercise seldom comes to me and once I get into the flow of things, it’s easy to just continue. So I am taking advantage of this sudden burst of motivation to be fit.
  • Push myself out of my social comfort zone. Perhaps the isolation during quarantine is what motivated me to make this New Year’s resolution but I feel that I was not taking advantage of the diverse social setting offered to university students on campus. My views on many social constructs and cultural biases have changed during quarantine. So when the world goes back to in-person events, I want to make a point of connecting with individuals from different walks off life and backgrounds than me to get more exposure. That way, as I grow into who I truly am, I ensure I am well-informed of all the options and self-aware of those around me rather than confined to one closed-minded bubble.
    • I talked about wanting to live authentically in 2021 in my previous Christmas journals. A part of living authentically means challenging yourself to hear every new perspectives. If one finds they can not stand to hear other’s ideas about the way they’re living, that implies the person is in denial that their life was cut out for them and they’re only holding on because that’s easier daring to find their real path. To be truly invincible and truly authentic one needs to have listened to many different ways of living, reflected fairly on each method and then one needs to confidently choose from all options which way of life is for them. That’s my 2021 goal.

That’s what I can think of for now but the list will evolve as the year goes on, of course. Do you have any goals for 2021? Document them in the comments below or share the link to where you post about!

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