About This Blog

Hello fellow writers,

At the start, The Writing Wave was a social project. I found that, when writing and reading the work of others, some people excitedly experienced literature like a tropical vacation for our inner poets and others yawned at the prospect. For those who who share my passion for writing, I made this worldwide wave. Poets, philosophers, ranters and analytical book critics from far and wide can feel safe coming together in this virtual wave to let their words flow.  I’d say this mission has been successful judging by the thoughtful works on the “Share Your Own Work” page or judging by authors I’ve been privileged enough to write promotional reviews for. This space will always welcome writers and artists to share their literary masterpieces in the ever-growing Writing Wave.

Today I also believe this blog should just go with the flow.  What I know for sure is that I’m a super busy Canadian university student who:

  1. Finds cathartic release when writing
  2. Is finding her way in the confusing, exciting, ambiguous real world AND
  3. Wants to significantly impact her world and help others do the same.

Somehow I’m able to achieve these 3 objectives successfully whenever I find time to blog in this awesome community…so I keep coming back here after 3.5 years! I try to post biweekly but I also often take blogging breaks to reflect on life, grow as a person, bring better content back to the old drawing board (here.) I always end up here, happily sharing my stories and treasuring those who read along throughout the journey!