Inquiries and Theories

Follow the listed links to view my inquiries or theories I’ve posted,  or post your own in the “Share Your Own Work” page.

Writing as a Career?: Interview With a Technical Writer

Ever Wondered About a Cop’s life?: Interview With A Peace Officer

To Read or Not to Read: Beauty and the Beast

To Read or Not to Read: Battle of the Simons

Today’s Topic: You

What Does Earth Day Mean to You?

Writing Prompt: “I Found” by Amber Run

Poll: Only One Language?… + a Novel Review

Unrealistic Moments in Mama Mia 2: Why We All Love it Anyway

Inquiry: Which specific quality determines whether a person is “good” or “bad. -Imani-Amour

How Long Should Reading Novels Take?

Poll: Which Season is the Most Poetic?

Poll: Share Your Hunger Games Favourites

Inquiry: Slam Poetry Topic Ideas – Holly

Naming Characters After Types of Bread?: The deal with Peeta’s Name in the Hunger Games

Poll: ShareYour Hunger Games Favourites

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